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Calix's Arena is an RP forum designed to give fighters of various skill levels a battleground without cluttering other forums with RP fighting threads.
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 Site Rules

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PostSubject: Site Rules   Site Rules I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 14, 2013 8:45 am

General Rules

* No spamming - I don't need to explain this.
* Bumping threads is allowed if there is no reply for 24 hours.
- - If there is no reply for another 24 hours, PM the other user/s instead of posting again.
* No discrimination towards other users - Everyone is equal, treat them as such.
* Keep posts age appropriate - Only swear appropriately, don't post or link to content that is inappropriate.

Signature/Avatar Rules

* If your signature is "too long", you will be told to shorten it.
* Signature images can only add up to 350px high.
* Signature images that stretch the forum width are not allowed.
* No gifs (some exceptions can be made, but generally, no gifs)
* Keep all images and links site appropriate. Nothing graphic.
- - Any images breaking these rules will be forcefully removed

Character/General RP Rules

* No godmodding - keep a character's power within their limits. If a character is a "mortal" character, they will tire from fighting and make mistakes. No one can dodge everything and land every hit, so on.
* No metagaming - If you learn something out of character, a character will not suddenly know that information.
* Stick to the rules - Every fight has a rule set chosen at the start. Stick to it.
* Be fair - Almost all of the fight rule sets are designed to be fair, so be fair fighters.
* Don't pre-determine fight winners - this is considered cheating!
* Characters can not change ranking tiers without permission and a good explanation.

insert link/s to the fight rule sets
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Site Rules

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