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 Quick Lore

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PostSubject: Quick Lore   Quick Lore I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 26, 2015 8:08 am

These items below are all "quick lore" I've sent to people. There are minor inconsistencies between sections (i.e. Governments, with people changing "every few months" despite "months" not existing). These will be fixed before the new forum is created.

About the World

The setting itself will probably be a magic-based "modern" time. Because of magic however, technology is VASTLY different. There are no firearms, steam or gas powered machines, or anything like that (though, Electricity exists somewhat due to it being an element of magic).

All technology is based on magic, with people being paid to literally be "living batteries" for short periods of time (say, each shift is an hour long) to keep various systems running throughout the world.

The world is also FAR larger than our own, which means days are basically twice as long, and much of the world hasn't been explored or "connected", and the RP will take place on a single continent.

Ageing, Time and Temperature

Because the world is larger and days are longer, time is different than it is on Earth. The planet itself doesn't reach much higher temperatures than on Earth, but at night, they can drop much lower, and every morning it is common for everything to be covered in a thin sheet of ice outside of cities (which are protected from this through various enchantments).

Days on the planet are around 46 hours long, and a full year is 210 days long (9660~ hours compared to 8760~ on Earth). They follow a 5-day week, split into four seasons of 10 weeks (there is no "Month" system in place) with a two week period at the end of a "cycle", which occurs at the start of Spring, to mark the end of a year.

As a result of the slightly longer day and year length, characters are likely to be slightly more mature both physically and mentally than humans would be in our world, but only slightly.

About Humans

Humans used to exist on the planet a long time into the past, and were magically inept. When magic was properly discovered and people began to understand how to channel it, they found out that their natural physical forms lacked the means to do so.  Over time, while magic began to replace most normal technology, people began to experiment in genetic modification to alter their biology into controlling it.

However, this came with the negative effect of altering their physical appearance, making them appear less and less "human" so that the energy didn't destroy their bodies. Over time, more people changed, while making further physical changes to make themselves appear less monstrous and more animal-like to hide the altered skin and body shapes that came with it.

Over the course of hundreds of years people moved further away from "human" shapes, to the point where "humans" no longer existed. And because the changes were genetic, their offspring also carried these traits.

About Animals

Animals are mostly natural ones we have, but there's a lot of room for new ones. I have a point reward system for active people, with one of the things you can buy being the right to create a legendary creature. Legendary creatures are basically one-of-a-kind sorta things. Like stuff you'd hunt in RPGs

About Government

Government is mostly democratic with constantly changing officials every couple of months so no one gets too comfortable in their position, but a lot of things are run by private mega companies. However, they can't legally do anything without passing it by the government first.

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Quick Lore

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