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 The Watcher [W.I.P]

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The Watcher [W.I.P] Empty
PostSubject: The Watcher [W.I.P]   The Watcher [W.I.P] I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 05, 2013 6:47 am


Name: The Watcher

Age: The Watcher has existed for as long as time itself, as have all Guardians.

Gender: Like all Guardians, The Watcher is technically genderless. However, its physical form is usually considered "Masculine"

Race: Guardian

Appearance: The Watcher's physical form (as he makes himself appear to all non-Guardians) is that of a black knight, wearing a basic design of black plate armor. While the helmet has an open face, there is nothing but darkness inside the helmet. The Watcher has a commanding eight foot stature, and is always surrounded by a cold aura that seems to suck the colour of the the world around it.

The aura that surrounds The Watcher is a side effect of the various constant spells he has active on and around himself, as well his method of traveling via magic.



Personality: The Watcher, essentially, has no personality. It does not interact with mortals, and thus has no needs for "emotions". Like most Guardians, it deals in absolutes and does not waste time on the details.

Guardian Role: The Watcher's role is as it name implies. It watches over every living thing and does not miss anything. Its true purpose is to step in and destroy anything that threatens to irreversibly tip the natural balance of life.


Combat Skill: XIII ~ Godly

Class: Warrior/Mage hybrid.

MP: 15,000

Elemental Mastery: Space

Fighting Style: While The Watcher is a master of one of the more powerful elements, he much prefers to win through brute force and skill. However, despite to the fact he only shows himself to destroy people or creatures who have become too powerful, there are few times that he needs much of either to win. But, in the rare occasions that the fight proves to be a challenge, he will not hesitate to use his magic to win with much more ease.

Preferred Weapons: The Watcher has a plethora of weapons at his disposal, and can swap them out at any time due to his mastery of the element of Space. He is also able to create weapons at any time. Because of this, he has no true preference, but will often use a combination of swords, halberds and spears.


History: Like all Guardians, The Watcher's history is long, but mostly full of nothing. He has existed since the start of time and has stepped in countless times to strike down anything that threatens to become powerful enough to tip the balance. Besides that, there is very little worth stating about his history, and so his history shall stay unsaid. For now.

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The Watcher [W.I.P]

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