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 Unrelated RP Rules!

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Unrelated RP Rules! Empty
PostSubject: Unrelated RP Rules!   Unrelated RP Rules! I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 03, 2013 11:18 am

Alright guys, so here are the rules for RPing. Not all of them are compulsory and can be 'disabled' if you want. If you are playing with optional or recommended rules, please make a spoiler* tag at the top of your post and list the rules you are playing with.
* spoiler tag = [spoiler ] [ /spoiler] without spaces

While there appears to be a fair few rules, many are optional.
There are only 5 Compulsory, 3 Recommend, and 3 Optional rules.

Compulsory Rules
These rules cannot be ignored. Ignoring these rules will result in your post being deleted, and infractions being given, which may result in your account being banned. You have been warned. Not all of these directly affect RPs, but are still relevant. You don't need to list these at the top of your new RPs.

  • No godmodding - keep your characters powers consistent. If your character is a mortal, they will tire from fighting and make mistakes, and so on.
  • No metagaming - no one is all knowing. If you learn something out of character, your characters will not know that information.
  • Do not multi-post. If you want to add to your old post, then edit it. Posting multiple times will result in your posts being merged and you will be warned.
  • Don't bump threads too often. If no one replies in 24 hours, you can bump it. Otherwise, leave it alone.
  • Please state if the RP is "Private" or "Public" in the title. Private RPs are strictly for people invited, and Public RPs allow anyone to join when they want to. If you don't want anyone else to join the RP, just edit it to say "Closed" instead.
  • Dead means dead! If your character dies, go make a new one.

Recommended Rules
These are rules I recommend playing with. It will make RPs more fair, and generally more enjoyable for everyone involved. These ones, you do need to list at the start of your RP.

  • No auto-hitting - this means that you can't forcefully attack someone. This is handy in fights, because it means people can't do attacks to your character and forcefully cripple your fighting capabilities, or disable you entirely.
  • No killing - with this rule, you are not allowed to kill another character in any way. This is helpful, especially in fights, if you don't want to lose your characters. (keep in mind that deaths are PERMANENT, unless the character is revived through a plot)
  • Minimum word count - if you use this rule, you can force everyone to write posts that meet a certain word count. This is helpful for improving your RP skills, and getting more "meaty" threads.

Optional Rules
These rules are optional and can provide helpful or interesting twists or changes to threads. While I don't necessarily recommend these rules, they all have their uses, especially when developing plots.

  • Infinite MP - as the title says. This allows you to ignore MP limits on your characters per RP. Please keep in mind that the "no godmodding" rule still applies. If you spam magic every post, your characters will get tired. This just removes the hard limit on how much MP you can expend.
  • Friendly/Hostile - with these rules, you can either completely disallow fights, or state that one HAS to happen in the thread. Helpful for plot development between characters, but not much else in my opinion.
  • Non-Canon - with this rule, anything that happens in the thread will not effect your character or anyone else's. This is useful for practice fights, where you can fight to the death and not worry about the consequences.

If you have any questions, or any suggestions for optional rules, feel free to post them.
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Unrelated RP Rules!

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